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Day 1 of VIP consist of talks from various people .. Mike Reining from MindValley talking about Agile Entrepreneurship , Mr Adli from 3boss talking about Web Security , Sumardi Shukor on Takes you Online Application using Google Gears and lastly by Mr Fakhrur Hizam Mohd on Finishing your FYP in record time using CakePHP.

Speech 1 – Mike Reining – The MindValley Way: Agile Entrepreneurship

I’m using twitter to write all the points and here it goes ..

Mind Valley rules

  1. Get the right people on the bus
  2. Know What Mountain to climb
  3. Always think like a marketer
  4. Ideas do not matters. It is the execution that counts.
  5. Set big goals
  6. Know when to push and when to let go
  7. Learn to love systems, processes and numbers
  8. Work on your business not in your business
  9. Always be learning and experimenting
  10. Do what you love and love what you do

Speech 2 – Adli Abdul Wahid – Web Security

Most of the talks is about the importance of the web security . Well . I’m hoping he teach SQL Injection or XSS exploit or anything but the talk is to create the awareness among the web developers to keep security in mind.

Speech 3 – Sumardi Shukor – Google Gears – Takes Online Applications, Offline

This talk is about how to make your online application offline . I did get the concept and I also already heard about this at Barcamp Malaysia last month . The concept is that when you are offline , it will store to the local database using SQL lite and when you’re back online , it will push all the data to the web server. Pretty neat isn’t it ?

Speech 4 – Fakhrur Hizam Mohd – Finishing your FYP in record time using CakePHP

If you know that I always despise CakePHP for the lack of documentation .. well .. I Still do .. the documentation really sucks for me to understand but hey .. thanks to this speaker .. I do get the “magic” in CakePHP .. same like Ruby On Rails .. it will automatic create the sql after you create the db and BAKE the Cake . oh boy .. I do feel like going to Secret Recipe and grab some Cheese cake ..

Someday I will going to learn cakephp anyway .. not so soon enough .. I still favor CodeIgniter for the PHP Framework .. since the documentation is REALLY REALLY REALLY easy to understand and follow , the community is great , and it is really lightweight and not bloated with the features that you not always using.

So , the talk is about the possibility to create your web apps MUCH MORE FASTER using php framework and also some of the intro to the newbies about MVC pattern because in order to use the framework , user must need to know MVC ( Model , View , Controller ) approach.

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