Laptop V-trio V3010 AU Amd Turion X2

PSP – rm1020 – Blue Color

Desktop PC (at least quad core and a decent GC ) – rm2300

Vtrio Cooler Notepal Notebook Cooler – Cooler Master

V-trio Upgrade Ram 2 gig rm290 – mushkin 2 gig ddr2 667 mhz

External Hard Disk – rm250 – 120 gig western digital


Edifier Speaker e3100 – rm200

Dell 22 inch monitor RM888 .. woot ..

macbook pro 15″

Linksys Wireless Router N Gigabit RM 385 (to replace my Aztech Wireless Router which suck ! )

500 gb 3.5 inch ext hard disk .. RM700

5 thoughts on “Wishlist

  1. mdpai

    Desktop PC tu takkan RM1800 je, upgrade la sikit lagi jadi RM4000 ke baru syook as a programmer. Then tambah jadi dua screen 21/22 Inch. Baru lengkap .. =)

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