V-Trio Clean Up


After 8 months using my pc without reformat my Windows OS , it is time to do some cleanup . Actually I want to do this earlier but since my cd-rom is not doing so well to read (and burn cd’s) as well my speaker sounds so PECAH and my track pad right click does not respond quite well .

After sending it to HP Damansara , I was pleased that my warranty is not void even I lost the receipt by renewing it last year on August . Feeling so scared before this , right now I am so relieve to hear that . Last friday to be exact , my laptop is ready for me to pick up and it takes one week to complete . The technician always call me to ask what the exact problem or my pc so that he can make sure I’m not gonna send them back to their place ever again . Dah la tengah tension coding dan buat kerja guna pc desktop kt ofis , technician nie rajin lak kol itu ini . Xpe la .. pujian untuk hewlett packard damansara .

Anyway back to clean up my PC . Backup to my dad external hard disk that he bought last week . It is western digital 120 gb with western digital white plastic casing . I format my XP , deleting my ubuntu partition and the boot partition . Wipe all out partition except C drive . I’m installing Xp without boot it from cd so that if I running it from my old Xp , the old data will not be deleted . So I can still look at my program files folder to see what exactly software that I’m installing and I can just remove the folder if I dont want it , or I can just reinstalling back to the exact directory .

It took me 2 hours and a half to format , install all the drivers , and finally downloading critical updates . After that , it is time for me to install Vista . Why Vista ? Because I want to try the service pack 1 that just launched . If it is good , I will sure to use it in the future but now currently , I still make my Xp as my working machine while Vista for me to surf internet , doing minor coding , doing office documents and watching movies / anime . For vista , it took me 3 hours to install and and downloading / installing the updates . The longest time I have to wait is when it want to INSTALL the updates itself . Blergh ..

Now , I am happy with my pc performance . the boot up time speed is quicker . Now I have to spend some time to install back all my productivity software . 😐