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Hi guys .. it’s been a long time since I write anything here . Due to certain circumstances , I can no longer update my blog regularly like usual . Thanks to UTeM for giving me so much homework plus workload working with AIST .So basically I’m using kage bunshin no jutsu (shadow replication technique )  24/7 except when I sleep to do all my routines.

I move again . To another web hosting . Instead of having blog at flavert.com domain and having personal project at hassanbakar.com , I decided to move everything at one place .

Since my horror experience with OneBytes due to their downtime when I need them , after they have done something , their service is up and running smoothly again but my account with them has already expired . Therefore , I would like to try another webhosting for my blog .

Why I move to zenpipe ? Their latency is quite fast .. and besides .. the owner is my own boss .. so you can guess why . :p

If you notice on your address bar on your favourite web browser , every link to odin.flavert.com/wordpress/ will auto redirect to hassanbakar.com . Thanks to the tips and tricks on this site , I dont have to do a custom php redirect script . Using .htaccess is the best way to go especially when you want to tell google crawler to indexing your new site. the cons ? I’m going to lost all the pagerank . Heh .. I dont mind anyway ..

Next , I’m waiting for my new wordpress theme crafted by Abdusfauzi .  After that I might update my blog regularly . Maybe ..

p/s : Please update your bookmark to hassanbakar.com . Including your rss feed reader  . Yes . I’m talking to you .. with the Google Reader .. now !

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