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I receive lots of email from facebook via AUTEM group informing lots of activities / information regarding UTeM .

Basically , AUTEM is Alumini UTeM .. is responsible to manage the alumni such as informing the convocation , managing lodging .. again . for the convocation .. and the rest is unknown .. So i decide to surf to AUTEM website for the first time .

1st page there is 10 seconds redirect .. showing facebook groups .. the table is still have some borders and the design is not suitable i think .

And the portal page .. is powered by Joomla .. herm .. no comment on that .. On the right sidebar . I dont see any calendar eventhough there is place for that .. it’s just empty .

The interesting part is on the bottom page . Valid XHTML and CSS .. nah . I dont think so ..

So .. after i click the link .. it is invalid .. following so call web standards eyh ? If you dont , dont claim it to be valid .

// this is just my opinion . Shoot me if you dont like me .. On the other hand , maybe if you need my help to make it standard , dont hesitate to contact me .. for a small charge off course . 🙂

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