Working at AIST


Finally i’ve been given an opportunity to work with En Amran from AIST as a part time web programmer .

The reason i’m working because my status for my PTPTN is unknown and I still need money to eat so working is a good start rather than asking a loan from BMB (Bank Mak Bapak). Also i need to upgrade my php knowledge since it’s been a long time since im working in php so its good to be back.

Last saturday I went to GTUG – Google Tech User Group . Met bro haris a.k.a Linux malaya . After sembang pompang pompang … i just knew he did give a talk during Open Source Talk at UTeM via facebook. Also I met bat infomalaya and other familiar faces there .

After i have some serious / career talk with bro haris .. i decide to have JAVA as my primary skills and PHP as my 2ndary skills . For career and money wise .. i hope my plan will be going smoothly .

My studies at UTeM is kinda sucks .. Since I still yet to give my 100% effort due to some external problems . Hopefully I can resolve it immediately .

By the way , will be expired some time later on August so go kill my tape ASAP . Will change to other hosting since onebytes is pissing me off for their lousy down time .

Until then .. wait for me to update my blog more frequently when Streamyx is arrive at Murai Jaya , Durian Tunggal . 🙂

3 thoughts on “Working at AIST

  1. alwajdi

    back to JAVA again huh? 🙂 welcome back then..

    take things slow bro. it’s better to learn slow and understand thoroughly rather than going the highway but later can’t even explain why you wrote this or that in your codes 🙂

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