FTMK Lightning Talk 6


On tuesday (24/2/2009) I had a JAVA mid term exam . During the exam (when I trying to solve some question regarding to some hard calculations) .. I decided to present something during Lightning Talk. So after the exam , I finish quite early and switch on my laptop to working on my slides.

Thanks to slideshare.net I took several slides and just edit it to suit my needs.

My topic is about Codeigniter !!! Woot ! It’s a php framework with a low learning curve (meaning it’s really easy to understand and use it right away).

Again .. my presentation kinda sucks .. But I do appreciate the amount of people who turn up (thanks to En Sanusi for making a small announcement in his class ).

The slide ? maybe later .. because i must  give proper credit to the original author and currently I do not have time to do so . 😛

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