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V meaning version .

V1 == sem 1 ; V2 == sem2 , and go on ..

If you read all my past post .. crucial week means a week that is really CRUCIAL to me since we as a UTeM  student will need to do submission on our project and present our project (if any) .

For this 4th sem … I am really eager to present my CMS – Content Management System this monday . next on Wednesday .. exam for my badminton co-curiculum (buku koku masih suci dan dara lagik . x sentuh lagi sejak dapat .. ) and friday for VOIP final presentation . Ooopps .. i Miss my final tech comm . 15 pages to do a comparison report ..

Anyway .. wish me luck .. as always .. and I will update a.s.a.p .. (if there is version 4.1 and above )

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