I’m no longer working part time


Yesterday … I received formal letter 7 day notice regarding my contract termination working as part time at diBase Malaysia .

The reason ? ader la . x yah tau ..

Kinda sad .. but hopefully I can make full use of my time studying and learn something new on my own . I will apply my industrial training there so Its not a final farewell to diBase . Thanks to my sifu , waihing for all the knowledge that he taught me ..

Please take a good care of me end of this april til Julai for my LI (latihan industri ) . I will be back …

// Im gonna finish my web programming project under 2 weeks starting today . Still waiting for my team members submit their layout and design . Hurry up guys .. We will have to learn MySQL , got labtest installing and configuring apache , php and mysql and the presentation for the design and layout .

3 thoughts on “I’m no longer working part time

  1. dude.. aku pun same la.. dpt notis. x kesah sgt, as aku mmg x dpt nak buat keje. internet CI***. hm, anyway. good luck study! itu lebih penting.

    for your project. sorry, x dpt nak tolong. i got no laptop, and stable internet. and for your information, semua access to ftp kene block! maci***.

    i want my laptop!!!

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