Firefox 3 Beta 3


What can I say ?

You are so cool firefox

what did I noticed with the beta 3 version

low ram usage .. yes !! i open more than 15 tabs and the memory is still below 100 , 000 .. normally if i use firefox 2 .. ram usage wll be more to 250 , 000 if i open 10 tabs ..

I guess i need to manage my tabs usage .. xder second monitor


I use portable version .. meaning I still want to keep my firefox 2 .. so I just run beta 3 using portable apps . kinda neat . I dont want to screw up my firefox 2 . lots of plugins that I want to use especially for my web programming / designing task

the theme is changed .. the back arrow is larger than the forward arrow

the bookmark ?

I have problem with it . actually .. I cant seem to import my bookmark since they introduce the so-call smart bookmark .. demn .. and

lots of plugins is incompatible with this release .. anyway . they have done a great job . cant wait for stable release

5 thoughts on “Firefox 3 Beta 3

  1. yea… firefox is the most best of internet browser.. i will support firefox forever because the good browser and otherwise there are so many usefull plugin to use 🙂 thumb for firefox

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