Google Android VS LiMo : Part 1


Google android baru je release new SDK . Ramai complaining (especially from contestant of ADC – Android Developer Challenge ) SDK for creating google android apps agak sucks .. dan buggy . and lack of documentation.
Pada yang x tahu apa itu google android , its a new platform for mobile phone . Like Symbian but off course it’s free . Meaning you dont need a license to create these apps .. and its great for consumers yang suka benda yang free . X semua benda free sucks . (Think firefox .. ).

and now ..ada new contender for google android which is LiMo .. x banyak info yang aku dapat . X jumpe SDK for this . persoalan aku .. sape yang akan menang ? I guess google lebih banyak pengaruh . tapi pada sapa yang anti google but at the same time minat pada open source mesti suka LiMo (yerla .. google dh nk jadik macam microsoft where they dominate most of web apps .. like gmail , google search .. google maps .. etc .. sape suka bila ada company mendominasi semua benda ).

Whatever it is .. aku blom belajar JAVA lagik .. so I cant say much … teringin nk buat mobile software plak .. bila aku ada peluang .. aku nak buat at least one free apps for UTeM .. just wait for google ( err .. open handset alliance ) to release the new phone ..

maybe aku akan ada interest pada mobile ? who knows ..

//lusa mid term exam .wish me luck ..

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