Windows Vista Ready Boost


Did you think Vista sucks ?

Well .. other than high requirement of hardware spec and driver issue (again .. blame the hardware manufacturer ) .. I must say that I love vista ..

It’s not the Flip 3D feature .. not the improve search engine (well .. Mac OSX already release the spotlight way back … ) .. not the dreamscene where it sucks your ram and 3d card and it looks your scene .. horrible ..and slow .. at your background .. whatever it is .. there is one feature that i like in Vista ..

For those who lack of RAM .. you can actually change your thumbdrive or any other USB flash drive to BE YOU RAM .

Links :

Ready Boost from Microsoft site

Ready Boost from MSDN site (the project manager of Ready Boost Project )

Did I say there are some flash drive will work ..

must at least 256 mb .. and bla bla requirement (just go to wikipedia wil ya )

See this page for compatibilty

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4 thoughts on “Windows Vista Ready Boost

  1. nope .. this new technology (yucks .. ) is only for vista .
    you can make xp do the same but using your hard disk . do note that the performance is differ between physical hard drive and flash drive .. accessing flash drive is faster but writing is quite low . and vice versa ..

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