I dont Have Time For This .


I dont have time ..

melayan perasaan aku .

since that time

I dont know

sama ada aku buat

the right thing

atau tidak


aku belajar dari kesilapan

so I wont repeat it again

sebab itulah kita belajar


supaya kita belajar kesilapan

and make sure it doesnt repeat

pada masa akan datang

I’m trying to be a heartless person ..  I hate being a lonely guy .. Looking and searching for the right one .. It sucks when u dont find it .. when u actually need it .. at that time . therefore .. new sem .. new year .. It’s gonna be a new me ..

I want to find something .. that can give me .. inspiration .. that can push me to glorious moment .. to achieve my own  dream .

ape emo2x lak nie ? Just nk ckp aku create new category FEELINGS under LIf3 .. huhu ..

One thought on “I dont Have Time For This .

  1. dna

    bkn ko sorg yg single..
    bkn ko sorg yg mencari..
    bkn ko sorg yg x dpt ape yg ko nak..
    bkn ko sorg yg penah frust nonggeng..
    bkn ko sorg yg de mslh camtu..
    watpe nak seksa dr..
    bumi ALLAH ni luas..
    byk lagi nikmat dari-Nya..

    erk,saje nak nyebok..=)

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