Windows XP Service Pack 3 – RC


It’s been a long time since I write something in T3ch Category .. well .. after Windows Vista had been released .. and i tried for 1 months .. I decided to install back XP dual boot with Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon . Well it’s true some people said that the major upgrade of Vista is Xp itself .. U dont have to worry about lack of drivers (well .. we can blame the hardware developer for that off course .. ) .. high requirement of PC spec ..

Anyway .. I love XP .. and I’m not ready yet to jump to Vista .. I love the search features .. more security .. more dumb notify features if u want to do something funny with ur system ..

Microsoft is already release their service pack 3 for XP . It’s not final yet .. U can expect it to be fully release in 2nd Quarter 2008 . You can download the RC ( Release Candidate ) Version and read the Windows XP Service Pack 3 FAQ before trying .

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