Comic Fiesta 2007


Erm .. last saturday .. me , ridhuan , adib n afiq went to Comic Fiesta at Berjaya Timesquare . For entry .. Rm10 . but for both saturday and sunday u can get it for RM15 .. We (Me n Ridhuan) leave quite early and have our breakfast Nasik Lemak Ayam n Sotong in front of KTM Station Klang . PErghh .sedap giler x terkata .. (ada sebab tuh kenapa dier sangat sedap dari biasa .. hehe )

Meet Adib n Afiq in train .. diorang take off from Pelabuhan Klang . So .sempat la borak2x .. tanye course masing2x ..It makes adib the odd one since me , ridhuan and afiq taking an IT Course . Well .. I do think Adib’s future is far more bright than our .. Lawyer tuh !! jgn loyar buruk suda ..

err .. sry .. i plan to make this a fast update .. sempat take some pics and bergambar dgn cosplayer (sephiroth , kuchiki rukia , Kon , and byk lagik ! ) ..

thx to fazuu .. korang nyer doujinshi mmg besh . gelak gler2x aku bace korang nyer hasil karya .. well done .. 2 thumbs up !

thanks to ayez , ariz , member2x yg temankan aku gie snie , cosplayer yg bagi aku pose gler maut dgn diorang and lastly .. to sponsors . arigatou gozaimas ..


looking forward for next year comic fiesta

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