Working as a web programmer : Day 1


LOL ..

i was laughing at myself .. (because being so noob )

I dont talk much ..

My english is really bad ..

but they all treat me VERY WELL ..

siap belanja lunch kt kedai mamak ..

for the beginning 4 hours .. i was really BLUR .. my boss teach me how to use MODx ..

it pays off by only sleeping like 3 hours yesterday understanding some API as well understanding how to use the MODx ..

but I dont understand certain things works ..


even after read the documentation ..

at lunch .. eat nasik lemak .. then one of my colleague siap suruh tambah ayam goreng ..i was like .. oh no .. i already give them trouble / burden for babysitting me .. i forgot the name (baru igt .. Mr Simon .. )  .. he even asked me to came along with his car .. i think it was vios .. n yeah . .that was my first tyme get inside that kind of luxury car other than honda accord .. heh ..

anyway .. after lunch .. suddenly i got so much idea .. baru rase otak betul2x berjalan . i understand the whole thing .. why MODx is very different from other CMS .. it can be simple cms and it can be dirty to code the stuff .. it suitables for all people who wants a really customizable CMS .. esp if u a are a hardcore programmer …

IT WAS FUN . !!!

some of my job ..

editing the header and footer .. i thought it was like 30 minutes to 1 hours of process .. same like my previous projects .. but HELL NO .. i have to follow the designer design .. using the photoshop .. and edit the css ..

i got trouble with hr tags ..since dh lame x jenguk css .. LOL .. they have different ways to color it .. thx to XHTML .. heh

anyway .. i learn a lot .. mmg x rase menyesal spend my time at this company .. i learn so much ..

hopefully i will apply here for my industrial training (probably another year I think )  ..


wish me luck ..

// I update my twitter .. check it out .. and I always online via YM ..please dont buzz me .. light chat is okay for me to relax .. but not more than that .. I have my own commitment to my job ..

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