Job interview . and the answer is ?


erm .. memule pergi sesat sikit ..

dan aku kol for direction .. lol .. byknyer stesen petronas kt kota kemuning ..

then I went back to petronas . asking direction to go to McD.

mase interview ..well .. ada adegan kelakar di situ .. aku salam tangan dier dua kali .. haha ..

dier tanyer contoh kerja aku . apa yg patut aku validate .. i can’t answer that since tgh blur .. after he explains the things about validation . i understand what he is trying to ask . i know the answers but LOL .. tgh cuak .. x leyh berfikir dengan siuman ..and he already answer that for me .

well .. i got the job !! hyper !!!

salary ? aku mtk seribu jerk .. sbb xtau nk mtk berapa .. rase mcm regret plak mtk sikit .. haha .. ok la .. diploma pon x abis lagik .. heh .. i just need exp .


wish me all the best for my job .. 🙂

//studing modx n qforms .. heh

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