Ruby and Ruby On Rails


After reading about Ruby … I decided to try the so called easiest programming language (they claimed .. not me ).Create in Japan by Yukihiro “matz” Matsumoto . Support  OOP and other stuff . I also watch the Ruby ad at youtube. They also claimed to have better features than php and other languages .

Lepas kena racun .. off course i try to code hello world . they have their own online compiler ..ok .. not a compiler since the language itself does not need to be compiled . anyway . i have difficulties right now to install the editor .. already searching info on how to use on windows . most of the programmers that uses this language using linux and mac .  sigh ..

Rails is like a framework for Ruby language . I’ve download a videoclip that only takes 15 minutes to build a blog system like wordpress using RUBY n Ruby on Rails . I was like .. OMG .. is this language is really in high demand to the industries or what ??

//need to learn as much as I can .

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