Javascript Framework anyone !?


Right now I am so amazed by the effects that can be done using javascript .. and yeah .. I got problems with the languages even I already couples of times .. maybe lack of practices .. and sometimes I even forgot the syntax itself .

Rather than just studying hard and coded it hard by learning back the javascript .. i would rather making the javascript effects using Javascript framework .

As you all know .. being assigned to make Pesta Konvo website for UTeM is really gives me a huge headache .. since I’m not good with designing things .. and after seeing the website .. i seem to CURSE myself for making a bad website .. Not so attractive . and so-so design .. (Memalukan UTeM .)

I spend like 2-3 days learning ajax (again !) and after giving up using Prototype .. I learn Jquery .. since it is so lightweight ..  so by learning the effects .. i decide to revamp the “Aktiviti” page . and now u got the sliding effects .. well . it’s not fair calling it ajax since i only use javascript .. no xml .. no httpxml request . no effects .. so I think I should learn javascript back !

And somehow it reminds me about MOO fx .. the javascript framework and it’s kinda popular to wordpress theme coder nowadays .. so I tried to learn it .. and it got so much effects than Jquery .. yeah .. no ajax ..only plain javascript .. can use ajax but soo much line to coded ..

After this .. I learn my lesson .. IF and only IF i got chances to do any website .. I would make it very slick .. more effects using javascript .. more readable .. and more user friendly .. hopefully ..

Thx to someone at MPP for giving me this jobs .. At least it gives me “something to do” for my holiday . sigh ..

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