V-Trio is Sick !!


My lappy is sick .. suddenly freeze up and I tried to reboot .. I force it to shutdown and swtich on back but it cannot boot at all . not even at BIOS mode ..

Argh ..

hopefully the hdd is still working and not corrupted since I got so many things in there .. my mp3’s .. private photos .. all the files that is soooo important in my studies .. damn ..

SO yesterday ..  went back to HP Tower .. I still saw ROSHAN .. 😛 the man who entertain me the last time i go there .. And when my turn to hand over my laptop .. it’s only beside Roshan .. haha .. i like the name ..reminds me of DOTA .

HopefullyI can get back my laptop  . as well all the data inside .. plz .. god .. help me !!!

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