Portuguese Project : THE END


Alhamdulillah . Berakhirnya Project Portuguese yang telah bertungkus-lumus  disiapkan dalam waktu yang diberikan . Terima kasih ku ucapkan pada Pn Norliah Kudus selaku Lecturer Hubungan Etnik , x lupa pada rakan seperjuangan yang memberikan kerja sama yang baik dan menurut perintah ketuanya . J


Sebelum itu aku nak menceritakan keadaan aku 48 jam yang lalu . Yup , this post agak panjang so u’ve been warned !!! Khamis malam . Aku bertolak naik skuter Elit Sport aku pulang ke Klang. Agak lewat aku sampai sebab aku bertolak jam 11 . Sebelum tue plak ada kelas Maths En Azman . Aku sampai around 1 o clock . From 2 until 6 I’m doing final touch up to the Portuguese Website.Finishing Amir n Yan parts . After that the mind map (peta minda) and the conclusion for the presentation .

I fall asleep . Then I woke up at 7:30 . WOW. One and a half hour of sleep . Feeling so refreshing .


Then around 9:30 I went for my journey to HP TOWER . Hewlett Packard . Yeah . I know that most of you know what is HP . But the main thing is , because of the name “HP” , I LOST !!!


Around  11 I found the tower . Be4 that , I went to Jalan Maarof (at Bangsar btw . Almost arrive there) . Then go to CP TOWER .. Yeah .. Thanks to 4 people that I ask (not including the 3 people of janitor of Eastin Hotel ) .. all leads to CP TOWER . Every time I ask for direction , I ask “ Hi . Tumpang tanya .HP TOWER tau x kart maner ? Hewlett Packard Tower .”


So .. after one hour struggling for the place finally I found that place .


Tyme masuk memule , nampak mesin utk amek no giliran . N aku x tau nk tekan yg mane satu . Then one handsome Chinese man approach me . Tanya apa tujuan aku datang . Well , aku bgtau sebab naper aku datang which is speaker altec lansing aku rosak dua-dua belah . So , dier bagi aku no giliran dan no aku terus dipanggil . The representative name is Roshan . LOL . terigt kat palek psl sll main Dota ngan dia . Ensem r gak . Sempat aku amek name tag dier kt meja . Dier diagnose my laptop . I complain bout the speaker pas2 psl battery . Then , dier kata ok . Ask for my details .


Then , I went back to Klang . doing my stuff there . and sleep . Woke up around 5 p.m Check my w700i and I don’t get any miss call or messages from the HP . then , 5:30 , got a call from HP and it says my lappy is done fixing . well .. I cant be happy so soon .


The worst begin here :-

Cuba la mintak tunggu sampai pukul 6:15 sbb aku nie dari Klang .Dier kater wait for a moment . Then , dier ktaer sry dier x dpt nk tggu sbb store tutup pkl 6 . So dengan redha sambil berdoa spjg perjalanan , this is my first time riding my scooter like a maniac . 100-120 km/h all the way from Klang to Bukit Damansara !!!!!


Sampai sana around 6:05 . yeah . 5 minutes late . The store is already close . try nego with the guard . The guard try talking to the people inside . A Chinese women , with her phone gayuting with some ppl and went to see me . She ask me why I’m here and I explains to her that I want my unit back NOW bcoz this night I want to go back to Melaka to prepare my presentations for tomorrow (Saturday) .


She told that she cannot do anything since the people that in charge to vault (I think) is already close the vault and she don’t have the key and access to that vault .

I explained my situation , the klang-melaka stuff , the presentation stuff . and lots of things happening . Maybe she understand the importance of my laptop so she ask me to come inside and she try what she can do . I refuse to go inside and stay outside and wait for her there . After 5 minutes waiting outside , the women call me to go inside and take my unit . WOW . U all should see my BIGGEST SMILE OF THE DAY . LOL .. Thanks to Allah for helping me out .


SATURDAY – 17 March 2007


Well .. finaly today is the presentation for the portugese project . Damn .. So tired . start from 11:30 a.m until 10:30 p.m (but arrive there around 10 a.m). That is the new record for staying up for so long at UTeM. We merge with DEK students so basically DEK + DIT = HAVOC + SWEAT ..


Sry . just want to make it short .


I want to give credits to Allah swt , my lecturer Pn Norliah Kudus , to all my teammates , Amir , Yan , Fairuz , Kimah , Mira and lastly to myself . Hehe . Thx to the Regedor of Portuguese Settlement Mr Peter Gomes and Pn Norain , the UKM lecturer for helping us out .




Sry again if I done any mistake to any of you . Cheers !




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