Well .. itz been a long time x format my laptop . Nak bukak slow sbb byk sgt install benda yg bukan2x .. nk tggu add ram aku rase lagi 2-3 tahun la kot . mmg susah nk tgk aku ada duit ..

anyway .. this was like 2 months ago .. but now .. well .. my pc become fast again . I diagnose my the slow down probs n waht can I say is bcoz i’m using the ehem version of symantec antivirus for corporate .. When boots up , I need like 10 minutes to get my hands on it .

So , I try to find another alternative .. using another ehem version of antivirus via torrent . well .. recently baru jerk tau yg symantec it’s not a top AV (anti virus) bcos memory hog and also lack in performance but good in catching virus . I try bit defender . well . its the TOP av rite now ..

BUT ..

The version that I download contain many spyware n ad aware and I really think that i can get rid of it using the combo spybot + ad aware but the registry keep changes back after restart . And my pc is LAG LIKE HELL ..

so .. I need to format again .. but before that using MAT external hard disk to back up all my files / drivers / software n doc . oh .. MAT refers to my friend . hehe

so .. right now I love my pc current performance .. hopefully i can install DOTA after i get back soon .. Pali might waiting for me . 😉

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