Why I Deserve To Win a Samsung Galaxy Tab


I stumbled upon this site and I found Advertlets organised a competition to Malaysian bloggers so I thought how about giving a shot since the prize is the device that I really want so badly . YES , VERY BADLY .

8 Reasons Why I Deserve To Win a Samsung Galaxy Tab

1. Flash

I can view the flash !

But not this Flash

The browser can view flash files flawlessly since Galaxy Tab have Flash Player 10.1 . So if I want to play game at this website flash-game.net using tablet , now I can !

To the iPad owners , I have a presents for you . *evil laugh*

2. Android

Android is a mobile operating system by Google.

This device runs on Android 2.2 (Froyo) or Frozen Yogurt which I like to call it ‘Frogurt’.

Tons of applications you can download from Android Market. By default , Samsung Galaxy Tab has already preinstalled with tons off applications so you can edit documents and watch movies and do lot of other cool stuff .

3. Ebook Reader

There is an application called Readers Hub preinstalled in Samsung Galaxy Tab which you can read ebooks (powered by Kobo) , news and magazine.

In News reader category you will find a list of country and the news that you can subscribe. Believe it or not in Malaysia there are 10 news sources that I can choose from while other country mostly have 2 or 3.

Which means I can read “The Star” using Galaxy Tab and I can stop buying hardcopy of newspapers.

With this I am using less paper and it is good for environment . Yay !

Check out review by Winnie Kepala and watch on 0:40.

4. Phone and Video Call

Samsung Galaxy Tab is not just a tablet . It’s a GIANT PHONE ! I can make calls like I normally do with my cellphone and also video call so that I can have sort of like Apple FaceTime experience.

And yes you are right .. I can put sim card and enjoy calling people although I am not gonna put it beside my ear so that other people won’t be staring at me ( like this woman below ).

5.  Look Ma ! Only One Hand !

The Galaxy Tab is a 7 inch device and I can hold it with one hand !

That means it is lightweight and mobile so I can bring it anywhere I want especially when I’m going to class .

And yes , I can even put it in my pocket and look like a douchebag .

6. It’s made by Samseng Samsung !

Samsung is a Korean Company which have a great trump card ” Super Amoled Display ” technology.

As you can see with Samsung Galaxy S , their LCD technology really superb if you want to compare with other lcd technology. So far the build quality of Samsung product is really impressive and well made.

7. Camera

With iPad you can only dream for taking pictures but with this device I can capture a still picture or doing a video recording. It does not provide with one but two camera front and back so that I can take pictures of someone else cute cats and post it on icanhascheezburger.com .

8. Accessories

There are tons of accessories for this device ..

And off course the one that I am planning to buy is going to be a car dock that I found in Lowyat Forum .

Warning !!! . Samsung Galaxy Tab is not for ..

1 . Apple fanboy

If you are one of them like AbdusFauzi you guys will prefer an iPad instead.

2. Not a Chick Magnet

Cute chicks like FinaFedora might not want Samsung Galaxy Tab because she always want an iPad since all her favourite games can only be play with iOS devices like Apple iPhone , iPod Touch and iPad.

3. Android Market vs Apple Appstore

The number of applications from the Apple app store is really big comparing to Android Market by a huge margin . But to me time will tell what is going to happen in the future . More and more Android devices is sold to the consumer and the developer like me should know the target market is getting bigger and bigger .

Also , big numbers doesn’t mean better apps . Nuff said 🙂

4. 7 inch screen vs 10 inch screen

For me it depends on preferences . As for me I found 7 inches is good enough although if you want to enjoy your favourite movie you might want to consider larger screens.

Conclusion :

For those who want to own one  :

  • You can buy through Maxis and the details is here.
  • Or join this contest by Advertlets and create a blog post “Why I Deserve To Win a Samsung Galaxy Tab”. Check the details here .

Or you can just wait until a new version came out . There is rumour ( yes .. it’s only a rumour .. and off course not confirm yet ) that Samsung will release a Samsung Galaxy Tab which has the Super Amoled Display. The rumour can be found by gizmodo here .

Updated 1 / 12 /2010 :

Me and @finafedora in Galaxy Tab *wink*

Currently using this picture as my profile picture at my facebook . Hopefully I can win eventhough I have already read other contestant entries and some of them is quite good .You can check out other contestants at the Samsung U-nivez page.

Please help me win this competition by leaving out your comments and also give your thoughts about Samsung Galaxy Tab.

Thank you for reading .

83 thoughts on “Why I Deserve To Win a Samsung Galaxy Tab

  1. hehe.. I like the last note “Please help me win this competition by leaving out your comments and also give your thoughts about Samsung Galaxy Tab.”

  2. Dr korang dok sibuk2 psl ipad la samsung ipad la… lebih baik korang didik anak2 atau adik2 korang jadi bijak pandai dalam IT n electronic engineering supaya leh kuar malaysia ipad… hehehehe

  3. Hi all, i already bought this gadget about a month ago when it was first launch in KLCC Maxis Center. Since then the Tab is doing wonders, it never leave my side, the performance is excellence, it is portable and easy to use. In summary the Tab is really COOL and must have for all.

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