Bulletin from friendster


haha.Check it out…

Message: WaD hApPeNs..WhEn uR pArEnTs cATch u
HaViN SeX…

Message: U and ur boyfriend/girlfriend making
love in
the room and suddenly his/her parents came in
and saw u two(oh o!).

Write whats the first thing come into your mind
and first thing u say.

PuMBaA — > hakunamatata !!! i will quickly use
blanket cover myself ! bluehz ;p

BaByKaiLaN – wat else are there to say other
than “…….” hahahaha dam its a screwed up

JeSs a.k.a DrEaMeR..—>FuCK yOu lAH..KnOcK nExT

deXteR`z a.k.a JoN —> yoooo ! wassup wanna
join? aahhaa mayb i will say do u mind ? i have
stuff 2 settle ! aahahhaah WOOooOTTT

NuFarIouzs .. < ath > —> erm… she’s a
gurl !! so sweet !

farah.osama.ain —> wut else is there 2 do…?
dey surely will be super crazy madly angy…juz
pray laa dat u’lll still get money from dem n if
not.. pray 2 go 2 heaven coz dey may kill u….

.sara.bells. –> ooo fcuking hell…they’ll
definitely kick me out of the hse or
gonna kill me…but I wont do it in my hse…do
it sumwhere…in a 5* hotel room mayb…MUAHAHA!!

S.h.MuNiRah –> hmm its a tough 1…erm, i’d
my bf under da blanket n if they ask me wats
under it, i’d just say it was just my big teddy
bear=) lol…

Ricardo Armand Diaz – i’ll ask my dad to go get
the video cam n i’ll ask my mum to b the
director n ask what positions i should do. then
i juz continue banging my bitch. hahaha!

syarul akila- “oppss.. hehe.. hey aunty, hey
uncle…kantoi.. hehe, i’ll be leaving soon..”

MooNShE BoNeS – “ohh hie mum,hie dad,this is ma
gurl…we were just catchin up on
things..huehuehue..n after that ill probably got
shot by a 25.gauge shotgun..hahahaha(good luck 2
those happens 2 kantoi…

AhTeng – ” It Wasn’t Me!!! ”

||evyn|| – ” OOps..hi mum..hi dad..!!!”

felix mookie – uh daym~ oh mum, dad.. jz let me
finish.. then we’ll hve talk afterwards okay 🙂

dell: dun worry ma & pa, ure not gonna be
grandparents so soon, we practise safe sex. >:)

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