Periksa la plak !!!


Well aku ada periksa minggu depan.
Actually darh start minggu lepas cuma aku maleh nak tulis.
Anyway , aku ada buat improvement pasal web aku dan dijangk siap time cuti panjang…

Oleh disebabkan ada peperiksaan..aku ada beberapa informasi utk menipu maser peperiksaan atau ujian.Anyway , cara2x ini hanya boleh dibuat kart sekolah yg membenarkan membawa benda 2x cam walkmen , handphone dan sebagainya.
Lagipun , aku dpt nih dlm bhs Inggeris.Dan yg penting sekali , anda dah besar..dan anda patut tau apa benda yg boleh dan apa benda yg x boleh dibuat time periksa…
Happy reading…

*********************How to Cheat************************************

When I was in school so many students were caught cheating, the administration instituted a zero-tolerance policy to discourage the practice. Fewer students were caught, but that didn’t mean there were fewer cheaters. Thanks to common technology most students have in their pockets, the art of cheating has merely become harder to detect.

Cellular cheating

With new technology comes new ways to cheat, and cellphones are one of the most popular tools used by today’s cheater. For example, one student taking a text gets stumped on a question. All he has to do is snap a picture of the test using his camera phone and send it to his buddy outside class. The buddy then sends a text message back with a list of corresponding answers. It’s that simple.

Musical mischief

The iPod, everyone’s favorite MP3 player, is quickly becoming one of the favorite tools in the cheater’s toolbox. Many professors let students listen to music while they take tests because music helps some people focus, but have you noticed how many students have those miniature tape recorders on their desks for lectures? Just take a recorded lecture and put it into MP3 format. Then use an iPod to listen to the answers. If you’re really crafty and able to get a copy of the test ahead of time, the iPod can also act as a crib sheet. Just program in the answers as the names of songs, and the iPod will scroll that information across its screen while you rock out and ace the test.

Got a light?

Snooping through a teacher’s desk will sometimes score you an opportunity to see the test ahead of time. But if you take the teacher’s copy, she’ll know the test has been compromised and she’ll almost certainly change the questions. Some college students smoke, and some are pyromaniacs, but either way, a student carrying a Zippo lighter is rarely given a second glance these days. This is where ThinkGeek’s James Bond Stealth Camera comes in. It looks like a regular Zippo lighter, but open that baby up and inside is a camera capable of taking 150 pictures at 640×480. Take those pictures home and start memorizing answers.

A frickin’ laser!

Even those annoying laser pointers have a place in the cheater’s arsenal. Most classrooms have words and numbers written on the chalkboard or around the room. Whether it’s a flyer for an upcoming activity, an analog clock at the front of the class, or simply a time written on the chalkboard to indicate when the test is over, those words and numbers become the ammunition the cheater needs. This is at least a two-person job. One student who studied for the test or at least got the answers for it ahead of time gets the laser pointer. He uses it to make two circles, one around a number in the room, and another around a letter in a word. These two circles indicate the question number and answer. Most teachers won’t catch on since most of them will be looking at a book, a magazine, or the students themselves, not at the wall behind them. The other student just follows the bouncing light.

Mentos: the test maker

This is my favorite. A simple pack of Mentos can easily become one of the best ways to cheat. All you have to do is carefully peel off the Mentos wrapper and take it to a scanner. Scan it with a resolution of at least 600 dpi, then carefully modify the ingredients section on the label using any graphic-editing program. The sky’s the limit as to what you can type in that ingredients section — math formulas, a miniaturized study guide. The only limit here is your creativity, the quality of your printer, and your eyesight. Print it out on shiny brochure paper for an authentic appearance and leave it out on your desk for all the class to see. Hell, offer some to the teacher out of common courtesy.

In conclusion…

I won’t tell you not to cheat. Besides, by now you should already know not to. You found this article and learned its ways by simply clicking a link. Chances are your teacher did too. He’ll be keeping an eye out for these tricks, so don’t use them, kiddies. It’ll get you kicked out of school and leave you living on the street, drinking the bum wine for the rest of your days.

Diambil dari sau sumber rahsia…^_^

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