Barcamp Malaysia Day 1


( This post is referring to Barcamp Malaysia on 26 and 27 July 2008 at Avenue 1 )

Warning .. this is a very long post with a bad english .. You have been warned !!!

Since my english sucks big time .. i will stick to my mother tongue language and also the quality of my video sucks which I use with my K800i . I want the nokia navigator !! ( drool )

Setelah telan 2 panadol (masih demam ) pada pukul 4 am .. still .. i can’t sleep .. but my body temperature is going down .. kaco Abg Nazri yang sedang membuat keynote for his session this sunday .. after 5:30 finally .. i can sleep .. but thanks to the nyamuk .. bangun la jugak few times .

Suddenly .. dah syok tido .. alarm pulak bunyi .. dh kul 8:30 .. tah macam mane bantai tido balik .. ngantuk seyh .. mata merah .. kul 8:40 alarm bunyik lagi .. xleyh jadi nie .. nak x nak kena jugak mandi and prepare untuk bertolak .. baru jerk lepas mandi Abg Nazri kol lagik .. waah .. sweetnyer tolong kejutkan aku .. ahahaha ..

Merempit macam orang gila menaiki Yamaha LC 135 di bandar KL sangat tidak digalakkan .. oh ya .. saya sesat .. please repeat .. I’m LOST in the middle of KL !!!! i can’t found any signs that leads to Jalan Ampang dan sekutunya .. Sheeshh .. Terima kasih kepada sesiapa yang mendesign lane motor .. lane motor di highway sebenarnya hanya smpai ke brickfields .. duh .. aku bukan keje kat Kl .. macam mane nak tau kena exit dan masuk jalan keta ? Dari brickfields lalu Kl Sentral dan macam – macam lagi jalan yang aku tengok nampak macam sama jerk . My guide ? KLCC .. selamat KLCC tu tinggi .. kalo la tinggi dia macam tinggi bangunan TM .. for sure aku x sampai Barcamp Malaysia ..

Looking place to park my motorcycle .. dan sesat dua kali masuk lif yang berlainan .. meet diz one guy which i forgot his name and apparently he is a photographer since I always saw him with his dslr camera in most sessions ..

Register .. write my names on one of the lucky draws post card by Yahoo ! and grab my goodies bag ( thanks Exabytes ! ) and off I go ..

1st Session – Google Android

The first session that I joined is about Android .. ( Wooot !!!! ) . Saw Kamal Fariz .. masa tengah parking motor berlambak dapat sms from his twitter since i “FOLLOW HIM VIRTUALLY” . (BTW i also follow Amanz).  Thanks to the twitter , I know the venue for the android .. huhu .. Yes .. i dunno JAVA yet (the syntax is not too far from C++ ) .. but I have the basic knowledge in OOP and had already try the Android Hello World … and yet .. i never build any apps other than hello world .

2nd Session – The OpenMalaysia Blog Story

The next session is Open Malaysia blog .. talking about open source , OOXML , microsoft vs google + other companies and all the efforts toward open source especially in Malaysia … not to forget issue about pattern and copyrights .. but my focus is on something else .. which is getting access to the internet ..

Microsoft VS Google + everyone else

Microsoft VS Google + everyone else

There i met KageSenshi . he is the guy wearing the blue fedora hat . And i try to access the internet via belkin access point .. damn .. no internet .. and i try to access the admin panel . the guy besides me (sorry .. forgot your name ) saw and kinda shock since he didn’t know that you can only view the status of the belkin router eventhough you don’t have the login . he try to access the admin and guess what ? No Password !!!! LOL !



By having a r00t access , Kagesenshi setup an irc server as well as a homepage for the schedule .. he is L33t !!! ..  senior aku di UTeM pasti tarik diri dari i-hack comepetition next month kalo jumpe dengan dia nie .. huhu ..

Anyway I can’t never forget the Open Malaysia “theme song” i suppose .. you can hear it below ..

For those who do not know , the melody is actually from Bob Dylan – The Times They Are A Changin

3rd Session – Overview Of Windows Presentation ( WPF ) & SilverCamp Community

After that i went to WPF / Silverlight presentation .. bangga sebab pakai baju Silverlight + Sifoo anjuran Microsoft dulu  ..

Again .. for the noobies .. Silverlight is subset of WPF ( Windows Presentation Foundation ) .. so Silverlight can be used in Windows and OSX (well .. still waiting Moonlight for Linux) BUT WPF can only be use in Windows.

Why Silverlight ? Let say you already familiar with .Net and you do not want to dirty your hands reading book about actionscript , using Silverlight is a way to go . Combination of products like Microsoft Visual Studio (duh) and also Blend 2.5 (which is free until january next year i think )

my other post about silverlight (by microsoft / sifoo at KLCC ) and here (microsoft at amcorp mall ) if you want to understand more about silverlight 1.0 and 1.1 / 2.0

// Sorry to the speaker .. i asked them to open the task manager to see how WPF eating away your RAM & CPU Resources .. ( I dare to ask them to do so since they are not directly from Microsoft or else for sure kena GANGBANG 😛 )

After the session with the silverlight , it’s time to MAKAN ! .. the food there is SUPERB .. thanks to the sponsor

after makan .. hunt down Surau for zuhur prayer with Keris and Abg Nazri but FAILED ! .Luckily one of the guard at Tokio Marine let us use their rest room to solat . Sadly after that , I didn’t attend any of the 4th session so i decide to charge my laptop and drink some coffee 😐

4th Session : Doing my own session .. the cofee is great !

5th Session : How to become 25% more productive essential free tools for the modern office

During my intern , I use task freak for the gtd ( getting things done ) and remember the milk (for personal use .. thank you google gears !) . Thanks to this session .. I learn how to manage my email inbox without relying too much with other gtd software ..

Some of the knowledge that I learn ..

  • handle your emails by separate them into follow up or done folders so that you will not look again at the “done” folders and keep focusing in the follow up folders
  • do read all your email title and scan them briefly  and determine whether you can handle it less than 2 minutes or not .
  • portables apps rocks !
  • 43 folders too !

// The video is longer than 10 minutes .. and somehow youtube hate me very much .. 🙁
6th Session : How to build Web API

this session is talking mostly about atom pub and after like 15 minutes the talks is getting too technical for my head to absorb all of em . I jot down some links and terms that I didn’t understand .. so i guess i’m on my own . 🙁

well , kamal fariz , kagesenshi and aizat is there as well . the talk is great but since i dont have any clue what is atom pub .. well .. i’m the only one yang PALING blur kot dalam bilik tuh .. and yeah .. my phone battery died .. forgot to bring chargers videos after that . 🙁

7th Session : Interesting web 2.0 services in China , Japan , India , Kenya , Korea

I got lots of ideas from this session . Pasting what i jot down ..


interesting web/mobile projects around the world

  1. naijapals (top confession)
  2. sms gupshup – mobile based – chatting
  3. babytree – social for babies
  5. facemyanmar (fb clone)
  6. qatarliving
  7. babatang – social network from china – meet random person
  9. podaj – share books that u own
  10. – leaves comments at youtube video
  11. bongoza
  12. afrigator – aggregator – most interesting post around africa
  13. – travel directory
  14. – technorati for japan
  15. minna no topics – yahoo japan – digg a like
  16. – i – village
  17. phununet – viatnemes girls blogging
  18. – livejournal at russia
  19. tossi – coupon distribution mechanisme – every morning they send a msg and ask you capture images let say sky .. and they give coupons to the winner (i dunno based on what )
  20. springleap – south africa – submit design for t-shirts . if design is very good , it will sell and the designer will get some money
  21. yeeyan – ask for translator to translate site and compareand rate the translators
  22. meetpretty – from china . a network girls talk about cosmetics ..
  24. artpoli
  25. jobs – kenya
  26. joblet – from japan
  27. ogywawa – send drinks  to your friend
  28. trivop – travel – hotel video guide – like youtube but rates hotel
  29. chinesepod – podcast to learn chinese language
  30. soziety – need skype account .. using skype and they will search who is online ( and signup to the website ) to learn languages
  31. Synthasite
  32. checkpad – remember the milk clone
  33. omnifocus – app on iphone . reminder if near to location – gps i think
  34. meet me – secondlife clone
  35. – keep track of your sex life .. LOL !


//end pasting

After the 1st day of Barcamp Malaysia .. me and abg nazri chilled out at Restoran Kari Kepala Ikan kg Pandan .. after reviewing his keynotes (last minutes keynotes .. ahaks .. ) and having dinner , I’m going back to Klang using Jalan Duta .. and yeah .. luckily i’m not lost anymore .. writing this blog .. and published it at 2:33 AM .. Woooot !

Can’t wait for Barcamp Malaysia Day 2 !

Mari Pergi Barcamp Malaysia


BarCamp Malaysia

Barcamp Malaysia akan diadakan di Avenue K Megan Avenue 1 (berdekatan dengan KLCC and also Plaza OSK and MCA building ) pada sabtu dan ahad nie .. Sesiapa yang belom register .. maaf .. tiket dah habis . aku register pon sebulan yang lepas .. huhu

Apa ? Masih berminat jugak ? Datang awal around 9 A.M dan cuba menjadi peminta sedekah atau membuat muka skema untuk join . Yes .. you might have a chance to enter ..

Asal usul BarCamp

Pada tahun 2003 , Tim O’Reilly ada buat satu event untuk sahabatnya duduk berbincang from different IT background .. it’s more like a “geek” meetups .. cuma hanya orang yang dijemput sahaja boleh pergi . Nama nya adalah Friends Of O’Reilly (Foo) Camp . In California , mereka pon nak la jugak buat macam event ini cuma it is an open event . Everybody can go !!! .. jadi mengikut slang hacker FOO BAR .. they decide to call it BarCamp .



Aku masih belum decide topic mane yang aku nak pergi . Setelah meneliti jadual yang diberikan aku rasa sangat teruja !!! (excited la maksudnya) . Google Android . Drupal . Web 2.0 dan macam – macam lagi . Anyway , Bro Nazri akan bagi speech pasal flash lite .. so make sure you guys (yang dah register) pergi yer .. 🙂

Link :
Barcamp Malaysia || Barcamp Blog || Google Group || Facebook Group

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