Authentication for multiple subdomain in CakePHP


Let say you have subdomain and

If you login to and when you access you notice that you already authenticate althought the subdomain is different.

So how you want to differentiate the session after you login since the default setup of CakePHP will consider you on the same site ?

Edit your bootstrap.php in app / config and try to put this line .

ini_set(‘session.cookie_domain’, env(“HTTP_HOST”));

You can validate your cookie by installing Firebug in Firefox and installing an extension for firebug which is call ‘Firecookie‘.

Cheers ~!

jQuery Multiple File Upload Plugin


i’m using this plugin

If you are using it with cakephp , dont just rely on the form helper .. u need to add something to make it work.

<?php echo $this->Form->file(‘attachments’ , array(‘class’ => “multi max-2” , ‘name’ => “data[Attachment][]”)); ?>

notice the [] and also need to overwrite the name because if you dont , it will only upload the latest file that u select even if have already select more than 1 .

Wait for me !


Do you still remember why I learn JAVA ?

Do you still remember why I’m the only diploma student that so excited enough to join the Java Stream programme years back ?

Wait for me !


// Today is my first paper which is Software Project Management .. wish me luck ..

Bengkel 2 UVMS – UTeM Vehicle Management System


Quick update yo !

  • Terdiri dari saya , Hassan , Amirah Syazana , Fairuz Nasaruddin dan Adi Sofuan
  • Penyelia kami Cik Nuridawati Mustafa
  • UVMS – UTeM Vehicle Management System
  • Menggunakan CakePHP , jQuery , Blueprint CSS
  • Bertujuan untuk menolong pak guard – pak guard UTeM menguruskan maklumat dan memudahkan pencarian data , print sticker , memudahkan registration untuk pelajar , kontraktor dan staf
  • Deploy lepas raya , fix bug dalam masa sebulan masukkan validation dan business rules error dan kemudian sebulan terakhir last minute masukkan feature – feature lain
  • Dan hasilnya kami mendapat tempat kedua untuk kategori BITS.
  • 😀
  • Kenapa sistem ini dibangunkan ? Takde idea lain ke ? Jawapan ringkas saya : Saya mahu berbakti pada UTeM dan saya mahukan sistem SEBENAR yang patut saya bangunkan dan pengguna SEBENAR yang menggunakan sistem saya . Objektif tercapai dan akhirnya Cik Ida belanja kami makan ikan masak stim di Alai , Melaka . * epic win ! *
  • Terima kasih semua yang menolong menjayakan sistem kami ..

The Code 2010 Programming Contest UTeM


This is my fourth The Code competition organise by FTMK UTeM . As usual Team Noobies joined the competition and unfortunately we did not managed to get first place and in fact we step down 1 place than last year ..

There you go .. we just won for the third place in overall and this time no by-category winners .. and we manage to solved 5 questions .. First and second place also manage to solved 5 questions but we werent fast enough ..

Also , this should be my last The Code programming contest since this is my final year studying in UTeM .. and I still remember our team join the first The Code during 2007 .. we are noobs … and quite shock beat our seniors and manage to secure 3rd place and won the best diploma category .. It was unforgotten experience ..

so this is the Team Noobies results over 4 years ..

The C0d3 2007 – best diploma and 3rd overall
The C0d3 2008 – best diploma and 3rd overall
The C0d3 2009 – best 2nd year degree and 2nd overall
The C0d3 2010 – 3rd place overall

Again .. thanks to my teammates Nik and Fadzli ..

Thanks to all my programming lecturer’s .. Pn Mashanum .. Miss Ida .. Pn Zahriah .. Dr Razak .. En Sanusi .. u guys are my great teacher that teach me more about programming (since I used to be self learning during form 5 .. reading about PHP and stuff ). Not forget to mention Mr Waihing and En Amran for being a great mentor in my life ..

Thanks to FTMK for organising .. and thanks to the father / dean of FTMK Prof Shahrin as I shake his hand every year during this event ..

and lastly ..

Mr Spuuh (En Sazalinsyah).. I really wish I can see you before I graduate ..

Overall this competition is really makes me quite sad .. not be able to join again in the future .. there goes oDiN with his competiton in UTeM .. I’m going to remember every second of it .. the pride and joy .. the pressure ..

Sorry to other teams during the competition .. our team is quite loud .. talking and discussing algorithms and stuff ..  because we are having fun from start til the end of the competition ..

The top 3 winner will be going to UKM this weekend for acm-icpc .. wishing good luck to all the teams 😀

p/s : still quite sad for not being able to taste the first place .. 🙁