Silverlight Workshop for Imagine Cup Malaysia 2010


24 / 04 / 2010

Thank god my team has been selected to final competition for Imagine Cup Malaysia 2010 that will held at Langkawi .

So I received email from Microsoft about Silverlight workshop . They said they are going to teach the basics of Silverlight and also UX (User eXperience) element so that we the participants can make full use of the technologies / techniques for the final .

Frankly speaking I want to go to Barcamp that day instead of going to this event .. *really sad *

Anyway , I’m going to KLCC with finafedora as she accompanied me until the big Elevator and she went back home to settle her stuff . As for the rest of UTeM participants , they all went by bus all the way from Malacca .

Enjoy the pics ^_^

Wish me luck for this competition .. ^__^

Credits to Badrun for the pics . Enjoy the rest of the pics here .

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