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At AIST , we are using SVN …. reason ? it’s not worth using distributed source code version control since the one who always touch the codes is most likely 3 to 4 people .. and each people manage their own project .. so no stepping each other toes ..

Studying full time and working part time is really pain in the ass .. especially managing your time .. when I’m doing my work , if let say I need to fix some bugs and i do it half way .. i always tend to just leave it and get back working later .. and sometimes i just couldnt remember what is my last changes in the code ..

I’m quite afraid to commit every single 5 – 10 minutes bugs since I thought .. I better commit all the changes when I’m done everything .. therefore .. after reading and researching about git / mercurial .. I decide to try Git … make every changes (especially small changes ) at my local repository and after successfully merge everything  .. I will push it to SVN (the one and and only main repo ) ..

So this is some good resources that I found to learn about Git and Mercurial ..

Tech Talk: Linus Torvalds on git






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