FICT’s Lightning Talk Season 2


To all FTMK UTeM’s student ..

There is a lightning talk every tuesday at Bk 9 / 10 . (if you are facing the building , it’s on your most left)

Food will be provided for those who are registered . For those who don’t , please register your name at RND Lab .

Thanks to all the speakers / student who are committed to share some ideas and cool stuff . For other students who would like to share , you can just attend and straight away present your stuff or at least inform me via email (odin88 at gmail dot com ) 2 days before the lightning talk . (so that I know someone will going to give a talk).

Thanks to Chang for the proposals .. Dr Burairah and En Sanusi for being a supportive lecturers and thanks to whom it may concern for giving budgets for food / drinks during lightning talk . 🙂 🙂

I did took some videos on last presentation but currently im quite busy with my life right now . So hopefully I can find some time to upload it on youtube or vimeo and let other people comments about it .

And lastly , for those who are clueless what i’m talking about , want more information and other past slides , visit .

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