Why do I procrastinate ?


If you are UTeM student and asking yourself why do u procrastinate .. i might know the answer ..

Currently now is 4:40 AM .. En Sanusi last minute inform me that I have to present my projek diploma / fyp to our beloved dean or bapak which is Prof Shahrin Sahib . And I still didnt fix the bug that I found during my presentation with Dr Faaizah .. ( it was 2 weeks ago .. but i had a fever or suspected h1n1 for a week)

So .. I’m buzzing via ym to my BITS senior (he graduate last year ) .. asking about searching using left join coz im joining 3 tables with quite a lot of columns .. 

And I finally found the answer … and say thanks to him because replying my YM early in the morning 

After 30 minutes  I ask him this ..


Chat with Bro Faisal Imran - ex utem ..

Chat with Bro Faisal Imran - ex utem ..



Therefore .. my conclusion is .. if you hate procrastination .. doing your work last minute .. dont study at UTeM .. seriously .. i MEAN it .. 😛

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