New chapter of my love life


Basically me and Ecah did something crazy 2 days ago. And I did something when took her for a ride .. went to Uptown Shah Alam , stalk someone’s house and eat nan cheese at Hakim Seksyen 7. 

One of the activities did changed something in my future life. I saw EX .. with a man .. I think it was her bro ..  outside her house. SMS her .. (well .. i asked Ecah to write something .. ) and I didn’t get any answers. After arrive at home (2 hours I think after I sms’ed her) I did miss-called her cell just to make sure her no is still available. And i get a reply (finally) after that.

and I reply her back with “oh.ok.nyte.salam.”

It’s time for my new love chapter. Seriously .. this should be the last time I mention about her in my blog .. Since I so frickin loved her when us having a sweet time .. this is my final tribute ..

Thanks Haizum for the good memories. It’s time for me to release myself from thinking about you .. and move on.You did quite early .. and u should have my respect. Thanks ..

Now .. the last part .. thanks to The Mentalist episode 4 .. 

Farewell and adieu to you, my ex,
Farewell and adieu to you, my heart;
For i’ve received orders for to codes with all my heart,
But i hope in a long time to see you again.
I will rant and i’ll roar like a true computer programmers,
i willl rant and i’ll roar all over the internet.
Until i become a leet programmer in Malaysia;
From Klang to Melaka in 5 years.

original song : Farewell and Adieu : Lyrics , Youtube.

16 thoughts on “New chapter of my love life

  1. finafedora

    uhuk! uhuk! nak nangis plak (er..pinjam bahu bleh??) past is past but future is waiting for u. may u be one of the successful person i’ve ever known. amin!

  2. Bro, Ive always wrote about my ex in my blog. But at some point, I dont think she ever reads them. Im not sure about your case.

    Im sure you loved her dearly. There’s a saying, all good things come to an end.

    So chin up ok bro?

    ps: ko merempit dgn ecah? Hula lalala

    NoktahHitam´s last blog post..Girls, Don’t Lose Weight!

  3. puteri salju

    i always pray for your success, your love life, your happiness, and May Allah bless you always.. take care my friend..huk2

  4. tqah

    cik hassan! kamu relax ye..u deserved better than haizum la..nti ko da keje,gaji besar,smart2,cari la pompuan ye..ko nak kawin 4 pon xpe..haha..skang,ko fokus study jek..aku tgok ko skang pon da lain..nak tgur pon takut..seyes jek..haha..=)

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