Dean List ?


For the first time in my life aku dapat Dean List .. so .. i think i suppose to write something here … 


chatting bersama topo

oDiN Are-San: tido ?

top0 .: chat ngan awek..

oDiN Are-San: cheyh

oDiN Are-San: result ko cmner ?

top0 .: x dpat dean list cam ko la..

oDiN Are-San: alololololo

oDiN Are-San: braper ?

top0 .: X.X

oDiN Are-San: ko byk main 

oDiN Are-San: sape suro

oDiN Are-San: :P

top0 .: mmg la..

top0 .: main XXXX beb..

top0 .: hohohoho

top0 .: next sem main buku plak..


oDiN Are-San: baru main dh XXX .. kalo stadi btol sure lagi ganas

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