Quick Update May V1


My life

Currently intern at diBase malaysia . Eventhough the company is small but I learn a lot over there . Still learning everything as much as possible .


Still not get my bike even the my bike is already found at police station but due to some minor problems with the sargeant handling the case ..I still cant have my bike ..  sheeshh .. i need my bike !!

Money / Budget

Hopefully with my allowance , I can afford to buy a new handphone (Sony Ericsson P1i) since my Orenji (Sony Ericsson W700i) is already in comma stage . Got some problem with the camera . It drains my battery fast !

I also need to allocate some budget for my bike maintenance and save some for streamyx and my house rents for my next semester at UTeM . With streamyx at my house at Melaka , at least I dont need to going back and forth Klang – Malacca every week . And I also have more time doing freelance project and my own project (Android project and Vista sidebar gadgets project ) .


I dont have time to hang out with my school friend . Too busy with my intern and work . Being a workaholic at young age is quite OK .. since I still have stamina working for long period .. staring and glaring at pc monitor for 10 – 14 hours a day . reading codes and make website . Therefore , sowie friends . Dont have time to spend with y’all .


I give up …


Still thinking whether buying a domain name for my blog is a good idea or not . For this blog theme , I want to change it again . I found a good 3 column template .. will change the template if i have my own sweet time .

//Sorry for the quick update .. truthfully .. quite lazy to update ..

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