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I’m actually .. working while studying .. and for those who give a crap (and dont give a crap ) about me .. I’m actually merempit every week from Klang to Melaka and Melaka to Klang . Its a normal for me when I got back from Melaka friday evening and going back to Melaka at 3 A.M and sempat melepak kt MMU Cyberjaya hanging out with Flavert Crew .

Kadang2x rasa penat tp dh biasa .. so alah besa tegal biasa (maaf .. spm utk paper BM aku dpt 3 .. haha ..x sure btol ker x ayat aku tuh .. )

My life now .. I dont expect to be like this .. but sometimes Im thankful ..

Bz with my studies .. work . career and learning ..

Right now Im stop searching someone special at frenster . Since I dont have time for that . My current friends is like a huge big of no where I have to entertained them via YM and SmS .. I appreciate them for being a good friends .. listening to all my problems and rants .. and mostly craps ..

Relationship ? still single . Currently there is someone in my mind right now .. again . ada jodoh .. ada la .xder .. aku akan terus mencari ..

Career ? So far Im suck .. I cant do most of the job given to me .. Either Im a suck .. or I AM TOO SUCK .. either way .. I try to keep improve myself .. Im not intelligent creature . and I do learn something at my own pace . Im not creative .. Im just a normal person ..

Studies ? so far ok la kot .. aku malas buat assignment yg remeh temeh .. im more focus on my final project . actually nk lepaskan ketidakpuas hatian aku kt cnie . since ada lecturer dan juge kawan yg akan baca post nie .. aku rase aku x patut cakap hal – hal picisan dan remeh temeh nie .. sape yg terasa tuh . maaf la ye .. aku x ske org yg terlalu depend pada aku .. aku nie x pandai sangat . jangan harapkan aku gerak baru nk gerak .. i dont deserve to be a team leader or mentor . or ur guidance . dont understand ? ask lecturer or senior or someone that can give you a good explanation .. not me ..

Final Project :

Web programming .. i have some rough ideas .. hopefully can finish all the dirty works in less than 2 weeks .. 1 week to make the core .. and another week to actually have the js effects .. still consider jquery n mootools framework … MVC ? nah . i dont have enough confidence .

Title that I (and my friends ) can come up

UTeM Sticker System (did u know that to apply ur vehicle sticker u have to going a dirty procedure ? )

SMP – sistem maklumat pelajar .. same with UTEM SMP system .but with new features ..

or suggestion from my mom ..

SMM – sistem maklumat murid for high school students .. since my mom is Guru HEM (hal ehwal murid ) .. she have to do a lot of stuff to manage students .. and the current system that using vb sucks . where u must use floppy disk to save .. heh .

wish me luck ppl ..

2 thoughts on “My Current Life

  1. *alah bisa tegal biasa* that’s the correct one. hehe.. alahai, banyak btol keje kamu skrg ye.. ciannye.. da la demam.. huhu.. pape pun, take a good care of yourself.. jgn stres2 sgt.. terima sgala ujian + dugaan hidup dgn tabah.. believe in yourself and you will succeed. insyaAllah.. (^__^) oh yea, Good Luck!

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