Php Encryption


I need to study more about this thing since I need to use this techniques ..

There are 2 types of encryption .

  1. One – Way Encryption
  2. Two – Way Encryption

anyway …

I need to use the 2 way encryption .. my task is very challenging . thanks to my Sifu .. he do the ugliest part .. which is searching the best class php encryption technique .. so I have to use it on my task . basically .. my job is to make a download  script . the files that user will download is somewhere in the server (not in public_html) .. and we dont want the user to know where is the link and they might guessing the other files if they know how we store the files ..

each user have diff Floor and unit as their indicator what file they can download ..

It’s quite complicated to explain since I had a hard time understanding this part too ..

heh .

// anyway .. other than work .. really looking forward this saturday and sunday ..

saturday I might going to KlCC with my Modenas Xcite .. heh .. 1st tyme masuk KL ..

and sunday .. berjumpa dengan kawan YM ..


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