Crucial Week Version 3.3 Finale


MEOW . sudah abis ..

semalam ..10/10

arijadi my ex ..happy birthday .. LOL

erm semata2 aku g mlake sbb nk antar assignment yg tertunggak .smpt lagi melepak di bilik Cik Ida .. muahaha .

Time kasih kerana melayani manusia yg tension dgn assignment dan x cukup tido .

heh ..

smpat aku abiskan anime Honey and Clover season 2 kt youtube .

padahal dh tgk cumer anime dier mempunyai unsur2x emosi yg aku rase skrg .. sheesh .

os assignment siap !

Programming ? err . that is the most crappiesr / simplest project yg aku pernah submit .. konferm kena tiaw ngan Miss Zahriah .. she is really strict but somehow aku mmg xder idea .. and thx to yahoo chat room channel programming / hacker for giving me some basic idea about OOP .. i know OOP concept .. but dunno how to apply on real life .. so basically’s useless when u know how to read but dont read something informative .. mcm tu la kot analogi nyer ..

paper pon .. aku ada 3 buku yg aku pinjam dan leh pulang selambat yg mungkin ..

hacker’s diary


and java for beginner ..

eyh ? aku ada peksa final rupernyer .. abaikan wat sementara waktu .. muahahaha

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