esok ada exam SAD


herm .. esok aku ada mid term SAD – System Analysis Design .. dan aku masih x bacer paper pon agie ..

oh yeah .. just want to share something here ..

i’ve done something SOOOOOOO stupid ..

tgn aku gatal sgt pergi msg seseorang yang aku ingin lupekan .. I love her . but aku masih xleyh nk lupekan dier .. cubaan utk x kontek dier for 3-4 months dh hampir berjaya utk lupekan dier .. tp .. argh .. i thought i just want to know aper dier wt skrg ..

but then .. heh .. i’m glad she is fine there ..

>_< – i need a life ..


//I already edited my wishlist pages .. I need an mp3 player .. ipod shuffle sucks .

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