Linkin Park – Minutes to midnights


My favourite band dh keluarkan album baru .

Itupun my father yg bgtau . since my dad dh tau gune torrent nk download movies n other things .. he ask me whether I know that LP already releasing their new album .  Herm .. I said not yet since they just release their new single What I’ve Done .. but my father insist to check the torrent site .. he says lots of ppl seeding it . haha ..

I go to and I check .. they did release a new album and what is more suprising .. i was just relax after knew it .. xder rase macam .. ARGH .. naper aku x download awal2x .. naper xder rase macam penantian .. rase relax jerk .. haha ..

so . skrg nie dh abis download ..erm .. komen ? cam biasa .. telinga rase lain mcm ..dengar lagu baru . cuma skrg layan lagu What I’ve done jer la ..

Keep it up LP ..


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