deep sh!t situation ..


In the name of Allah .. the most gracious .. the most merciful
rite now ..
i feel so insecured ..
that i’m gonna lose my gf ..

4 today ..
i’m done sumthing incredibly genius (in my own opinion) but it was actually an IDIOT action ..

to whom it may concern .. I’m sry .. I will never disturb u again .. n again .. n again ..

but plz .. understand me .. i’m just a man who comited with my relationship ..
I love her ..
I dont want to lose her ..
All I do is to make my relationship better and not to make it more worse  ..

Itz difficult to have sum1 that doesn’t understand you ..
It’z damn difficult ..

and rite now  ..
i only have one option ..
just give her freedom .. she can do whatever she wants ..
but actually .. i just lying to myself ..
and i’m gonna spoil her for give her the freedom that she wants ..
n it make me sick ..

hopefully .. i can overcome far more greater obstacles than this .n my relationship between me  n her ..
will be last  forever ..

amin ..

One thought on “deep sh!t situation ..

  1. puteri salju

    cinta tu anugerah.. cherish it bile die ada, redha bile die takde. yang penting, pengalaman mendewasakan perasaan seorang lelaki gagah!

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