UTeM – Infosys Foundation Program 2009


Just now I did send my name to PM Haziah for this course . Hopefully I get selected. I miss Java Stream !!!! 🙂

For UTeM student , the due date to apply this programme is actually today .. woot !

For UITM student , read below .. 

Copy from FTMSK.NET website

12 MAY 2009 – 27 JUNE 2009

Ministry of Higher Education and Multimedia Development Corporation in collaboration with Infosys Technologies Limited, one of India’s largest IT services company invite students to participate in a training programme which aims to develop industry ready knowledge workers by aligning the needs of industry with the talent pool generated by institutions of higher learning. Under the programme, students will be given exposure to Infosys best practices in an effort to create a pool of highly capable talent to meet the growth requirement of the IT industry.
The well-tested and successful training courseware designed by Infosys will be shared with entry level students who on completion will be better prepared to work on real-life customer projects. The training programme will be enable by Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka. The training programme will be extensive hands-on exercises and focus on J2EE stream. This is the same courseware use by Infosys to prepare their new recruits to global industry-ready standard.

• They course’s content are covered within short period of time. So after few modules I am able to cope with the stress and learnt to manage them efficiently
• The difference in duration moves me to work harder and grasp the concept of the lesson as much as I can within the shortest time. It pushes me to be a fast-learner. 
• Every assignment, deadline and project is a step by step process tailored for to be more adaptable and confident in solving problems in real life situations in the midst of great pressure as experienced in the production environment. 
• We have no doubts that this is by far the best training that we have encountered in terms of applying what we have learnt in college to the real production environment.
• Ability to handle problems and stress faster had improved my ability to adapt to any situation and ability to face any problems and solve them faster and better.
• After going through the training, I am feeling very confident that I am able to pick up new things in technology by self-learning

Students / Graduates:
• Malaysian.
• Final year students or recent graduates (2008) from Information Technology / Computer Science faculties.
• Have achieved above CGPA 3.00 in the last semester examination.
• Good verbal and written English skills.
• Interested in building career in Software development. 

From Date To Date Duration Course Name
12 May 2009 12 May 2009 1/2 day Participants check-in and registration
12 May 2009 12 May 2009 night Programme Inauguration
13 May 2009 19 May 2009 6 days Programming Fundamentals
20 May 2009 23 May 2009 4 days RDBMS
25 May 2009 28 May 2009 4 days Oracle (J2EE)
29 May 2009 29 May 2009 1 day HTML/Java Script
30 May 2009 06 Jun 2009 7 days Java & Adv Java
08 Jun 2009 12 Jun 2009 5 days Intro to J2EE
13 Jun 2009 13 Jun 2009 1 day J2EE Integrated Compre Preparation
15 Jun 2009 16 Jun 2009 2 days J2EE Integrated Comprehensive Exam
17 Jun 2009 25 Jun 2009 8 days POST
26 Jun 2009 26 Jun 2009 1 day J2EE Integrated Re-Comprehensive Exam
27 Jun 2009 27 Jun 2009 1/2 day Closing Function

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    i’m not going i will be always checking for updates.I’m very interested in CMS and all its related subjects.

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