Anda tidak kenal pengasas PHP ?


Terjumpa artikel nie

Mengisahkan seseorang interviewer meng interview beberapa programmer dan mereka tidak tahu siapa yang mencipta or should I say pengasas programming language yang mereka ingin digunakan untuk kerjaya mereka .

It’s like anda apply kerja di Microsoft di bahagian Windows atau di Apple sebagai Macintosh developer tetapi anda tidak kenal siapa Bill gates atau Steve Jobs ..

My opinion .. well .. programming language is not just a language .. you make a living out of it . so by at least know the name of the founder it’s not just too hard .

Do read their comments on that blog .. every one has a point to argue .. again .. above statement is my opinion .. from a ‘SENGAL” programmer ..

//sorry for the striking title 😛

4 thoughts on “Anda tidak kenal pengasas PHP ?

  1. nice post you have there. It’s true that some people dun give a dam about the founder of something. Knowing hu they are actually help us to learn more about their work and thus gain more knowledge on that field.

    juz my 2cents

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