My First Android Program


Thanks for my sifu for letting me lend Java Tutorial Book .

Reading it for about 2 hours (pening + swearing a lot) ..

just kidding .. 😛

the book is really for a beginner like me who already did some minor programming and noob in JAVA .

So I know the versions of JAVA , what do I need before i start doing a JAVA program , JDK , .class , .java , compiler , editor , JRE etc etc .. and I’m doing a first Android Program . It is just a Hello World but I only learn how to install and copy and pasting codes . 😛

Downloading all the tools that I need takes around 2 hours (downloading something else actually , the new Ubuntu , Fedora 9 cd and dvd .. just want to stock up my collection of linux cd’s ).

JDK .. done

Eclipse .. done ..

SDK .. Done ..

Installing JDK , extracting the Eclipse and the Android SDK ..

configuring the ADT for Eclipse .. and again download some new updates for Android Development ..

Try to code by watching Dan Morrill Android’s Tutorial but got no luck with that . I try this and it works like a charmed ..

for sure after my industrial training .. I’m going to learn more about this .. for now .. let just concentrate on my work , my side project and learning CI and MODx . 🙂

Links :

Android Dev Forum

Another Tutorial

Droid Draw – Making GUI’s for Android

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