Crucial week Version 3.0


for my 1st sem refer here
for my 2nd sem refer here
for 3rd sem ..start reading ..

since my friends from pantai timur got problems with Hari Raya bus .. well .. we all (2DIT) agree to reduce from 14 week to 13 week . well .. the lecturer gives us a hard time .. let’s take a look shall we

(sept 24) Today
(sept 26) Koku buku log (entrepeneurship) dan hari kecemerlangan
(sept 27) Sosio full report
(sept 28) FICT AGM (Faculty of ICT Annual Grand Meeting)

(oct 1)      Programming presentation / oop program
(oct 2)   Multimedia lab test
(oct 3)   SAD (system analysis design ) presentation and TARGET Entreprise SDLC
(oct 4)   Sosio presentation (Peranan Kerajaan Melaka sbg Pusat Perlancongan)
(oct 5)   OS lab test / Multimedia presentation (Mari Mengenal Binatang)

expect the unexpected ?
Mission impossible ?
Think again …


all I can say ..
pray be for the best .. so that i can hold on ..without falling asleep .
//and i’m going to stay online to complete my assignment at one of my favourite CC .

4-5 hours a day .. = RM10 ..
heh ..

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