Crucial Moment with ma life


Rite now I got so many assignments still pending and some still not even C the question .. yet .. N the deadline is getting nearer and nearer …
Perhaps I need more time to review all my assignments , my notes , and look back all the past questionsdong fang qi mo .

Rite now I feel so terrible after I lose someone IMPORTANT in my life .

A lover , A friend , A companion ….

I got some inspiration after I enter one of my Lecturers room . Well , Arif notice it first actually .

It got something to do with takdir , jodoh dan maut .

70% – depends on usaha , doa

30% – tawakkal

ISN’T it ??

All can I say , I can only give some effort when doing something .

Hopefully , my life will be better than ever .

-> Need a life partner

-> Need a close Companion

-> Need more time

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