Final week of 1st semester .


using words_from_heart std;

[assignment] :- {cloning folio , lab test it , lab test programming , make a website for presentation , presentation for programming [if get top 3] , presentation for cloning , assignment math about algorithm , make c++ programs to get an extra 5% for maths.}

erm..arinie kena basuh ngan miss hazleen sbb copy paste about cloning ..
herm ..
i did change the structure from active to passive ..
i did rephrase ..
still my work is rejected ..
and i realised what i did was wrong but the process is the same everytime i checked on the internet .. and i do realised that i need to do more and more work .
sigh ..

she crying .. in front of my group members .. air mata seorang lecturer yg hampa dgn studentnya ..
luckily i’m not the onli one .. group 1 .. suma kena reject .. group 2 at least 3 project has been accepted by her ..

the issue of aniaya using that comment form is really kinda stinks to the person who hate her . well .. you dont understand english do ya ? so stop whining and ask yourself that all the negative comments about her is your own fault ..

as far as i remember ..
she did teaching ..
she did give explanations (eventhough some of the words is kinda high level but no to me)
she did give examples ..
she did communicate well with the students
and mostly she did ask question to the students to make our understanding better .

but NO !!!!
some ppl in 1st year DIT make her suffering using that form ..
that gives me a memory when my old friend used to give me comments .

all i can say .. you dont know me well so i dont give a damn bout ur comments ..
i do accept comment from the people who see my good and bad sides .. but not from sum1 who dont know me ..

back to the tech com class ..
she gives a wonderful lecture .. makes me remember
why i chose KUTKM as my 1st choice in ipta form .
why i choose programmer as my career .
and what goals do i MUST achieve ..10 years ahead and 20 years ahead ..

/*nuff said .
rite now downloading naruto special episode (3 episode on 1 file) ..
hopefully .. i can finish my web design ..and also make algorithm for math assignment be4 go back to melaka …. wish me lark ppl ..


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