Foss My 2008


I will be going to this event and you guys should too . Hopefully UTeM will sponsor someone like me to go to this event . 🙂

Will attend for the day 1 only since i have my 4 other final exam papers and it still doesn’t stop me for not going to this event at all . Wish me luck and see you guys there ! 

Copy from Aizatto 2008 is Malaysia’s premier Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) event. Whilst this is our first go at it, we aim for this to be an annual event bringing together professionals and enthusiasts from Malaysia, Singapore, Asia and the rest of the world for a two day grassroots driven FOSS conference. is different from other events in that we focus only on FOSS and that this conference is purely non-commercial. There will be no
marketing/sales talks by vendors (we are very strict on this!) so all that is presented is FOSS goodness! Instead, vendors will be encouraged to speak on the FOSS technical aspects of their projects/tools. This approach works better as it benefits all through knowledge sharing within the community.

Do explore this website to find out more about the event, and how you can participate as a speaker, delegate, volunteer, exhibitor or

When: November 8-9th
Venue: APIIT
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