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Currently I’m working on some community project with asx . I’m using CakePHP + facebook connect + other cool stuff to make sure this project success .

This is my first time co working together with him (and also my first community project) Β and hopefully we can make money with this project , marry with women of our choice and die happily ever after .. T___T

status : currently migrating design (xhtml + css) to cakephp … most of the CRUD is already done thanks to ‘bake cake all’

footnote : I keep on asking myself why do I need to post teaser entry for my project … for me , you will finish what you started no matter what since you already announced it to everyone … they will keep on asking how do the project go .. and that is the pressure that I’m looking for πŸ™‚

footnote 2 : Not gonna waste my time doing bengkel 2 or psm project > 2 months .. Might using this project again in the future .. ^_^ Kill two birds with one stone ? yes it is ..

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