Planning After Infosys Campus Connect 3rd Batch


This is just my to do list …

Sorry if this entry makes u want lick your cat or strangle your puppy since it will be super duper boring

  1. xray .. money .. documents .. preparation for my registration at UTeM
  2. I NEED WIKI ! to record some of the code snippet , todo , tutorials .. Check out Mkhairul’s wiki . It’s awesome right ?
  3. Finish my lecturer’s work [ Tracing Engine ]
  4. See Cik Azah Kamilah for my subject planning [still wonder which group should I join .. mahu satu group dgn Nazurah ! 🙂 ]
  5. Maybe I need to do some checking / maintenance for my last FYP [EDPD using JBoss Richfaces ] since got some problem during deployment at UTeM Server .
  6. DO someone else FYP / PSM – Projek Sarjana Muda .. I dunno whether it’s worth my time … thinking of rejecting some of the offer
  7. Asking some favour from Miss Emmaliana . I might stay at lab / Durian Tunggal instead at Pangsapuri Bunga Raya. Got my partner in crime to join in .
  8. Prepare some materials / topic for Lightning Talk . It appears that Dr Burairah wants to make Lighting Talks compulsory for 1st year students .. haha !
  9. I miss CodeIgniter .. will learning some auto CRUD (for fast prototype )+ integration with Facebook . Really envys crynobone‘s project codename FeedMalaya .
  10. Spend more of my time with my family + my lovely friends here and here + my sayang . ops ..

Failing to plan is planning to fail .. nuff said ..

3 thoughts on “Planning After Infosys Campus Connect 3rd Batch

  1. perfecto ! all the best wit ur list. lots of link to be stalked . oh yes .. thx for putting in the must-have-strike on “my sayang” haha. do click it =P

    have a great time in ur new semester !

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