UTeM Love Me. Hello BITS


Finally .. after a lot of swearing / waiting .. I got the answer that I’ve been waiting for ..

Alhamdulillah .. I got an offer at UTeM to continue my degree course Computer Science Software Engineering.



footnote 1 : will stuck at Malacca for the next 2 years …

footnote 2 : will see Cik Azah Kamilah (Ketua Jabatan SE ) to waive some of the subjects .. I want to finish my studies in 2 years since I cant wait to start working and get married.

9 thoughts on “UTeM Love Me. Hello BITS

  1. harmony


    Tahniah =) Cuma nak tanya, dapat kos computer science (software engineering) ke computer science(software development)? sebab kat situ mcm tulis pembangunan perisian…

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